Air Filter Mesh


A range of different types of welded mesh in pregalvanized wire, stainless steel wire or galvanized after welding for delivery to the industrial user. 

General use

Betafence is the worldwide leader for industrial applications with light and fine welded mesh.
Betafence has an infinite range of mesh sizes, wire diameters and finishing possibilities so that you can find the optimal mesh for every application.
Fine and light welded mesh for filter applications can be made out of several wire diameters varying from 0,50 mm to 1,60 mm and is available in different mesh sizes.


A number of types available from stock

Inherent strength

No loose wires

Quality assurance (EN ISO 9001: 2000)

A range of mes configurations

Minimum waste

High quality based on more than 125 years of experience


Light welded mesh has countless uses for a number of applications such as screening, protection, support or reinforcement. Some examples are air filtration, ventilation & air conditioning.


Welded out of galvanized wire 

Galvanized after welding

Welded out of stainless steel wire

Overview Air Filter Mesh assortment 


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